Energy Choco Crispy 40gr Each

Energy bar for athletes. Quick and sustained energy. Great-tasting, highly digestible, esay to chew. No added preservatives and colourings.
Palm fat free with natural flavors.

Flavor: Chocolate and raisins


Energy Choco Crispy 40gr Each

ENERGY bars have been developed for people who play sports. ENERGY CHOCO CRISPY is an energy bar with sequential carbohydrates from cereals and dried fruits. This specific formula provides the body with rapid and sustained energy. It is recommended especially for endurance sports, but is perfectly suitable for all sports. It contains no preservatives and colourings, is highly digestible and easy to chew. ENERGY CHOCO CRISPY has an excellent flavour, contains natural flavours and is palm fat free.
High energy intake (143 kcal)
Highly digestible
Only natural flavors
Palm fat free
New flavor with melted chocolate


30 Bars 40gr Each, Singles


Store in a cool dry place. Contains gluten, milk, soy and products thereof.

During Sports Performance

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